LOGEO--- powerful TMS system for small businesses to achieve optimal efficiency and lower operational cost

LoGeo is a powerful transportation management system (TMS)  used to manage transport and operations of small and medium-sized businesses in the road transportation and logistics industries.

We understand how important it is for you to provide quality service to your customers while maintaining your profit margin, and that is why we designed and developed LoGeo as special supply chain tool for SMEs to help you realize better control over your core business, reduce your operational cost and enhance your efficiency. With the help of LoGeo, you can easily improve the accuracy and efficiency in processing customer orders , planing routes for collection and delivery tours, managing your invoices and warehouses. In the meantime gain visibility of your network by tracking your vehicles and shipments and improve your business intelligence by receiving customized performance reports.

  • Accessible anywhere

    Logeo is accessible anywhere in the world via the internet providing insight in your daily operation.

  • Hassle free hosting

    Logeo is hosted in the cloud, which means upfront clarity about cost and no worries about hardware and software updates.

  • Ease of use

    Logeo is easy to use by all your employees without costly training.

SaaS, Software as a Service, Hosting in the cloud without the hassle

Unlike traditional software requiring installation on hardware, LoGeo is available in the form of SaaS which is hosted on the provider's servers instead of being installed on any hardware, so it is cheaper, easily accessible and more reliable than traditional software. You can access the software  anytime and anywhere via Internet with a computer or in the case of LoGeo an Android device. You won't lose any data even if your devices break down or get stolen, because all the data is safely stored and back-upped on our servers. Activities such as upgrades of your hardware or other software will also not affect your access to the LoGeo system.

To learn more about what LoGeo can do for you, read more here, watch our demo videos or contact us.

End to end supply chain management and optimization