The needs of the market is constantly changing, and you are expected to keep up with the market and provide your customers with satisfying products and services at reasonable prices.  In the meantime, you also strive to improve your efficiency and control over your network elements to make sure you can increase your revenue and profits. Whether you are working with a 3pL/4PL or using your own transportation and logistics services, you surely would like to manage your business more effectively and reduce the cost of doing it.

LoGeo is a cloud-based TMS system that can make you work with greater efficiency, provide you with greater visibility of your supply chain and also reduce your operational cost.

As a powerful and comprehensive supply chain tool, LoGeo can help you:

  • Better manage customer orders and invoices, road transport and warehousing to gain greater control over network volatility and achieve more accurate and efficient handling of orders and products from your clients;
  • Improve the efficiency of your warehouse and inventory management processes, and get automatic system alerts regarding potential problems that may occur with current structures of inventory;
  • Reduce your burden of processing endless customer paperwork as Logeo simplifies the procedures and reduce the amount of paperwork by importing and storing your records online, thus helping your business improve both work efficiency and your CS&R;
  • Gain a holistic view of the performance and potential defects of your supply chain with greater visibility of your most critical logistics processes;
  • Manage not only your business, but also your clients efficiently with the system, enjoy lower operational costs and more time to focus on expanding and perfecting your core business.
  • More effectively manage road requirements and enjoy automatic route planning function for full-load, pallet and parcel deliveries within your distribution network;
  • Constantly track and trace your transport fleet and your shipments to monitor the movement of your inventory;
  • Enjoy business intelligence using the reporting function of LoGeo to get access to customized reports that reveal to you stories behind numbers.

You can achieve more by applying LoGeo as your transportation software and enjoy the improvement that LoGeo brings you. Contact us today to learn more or request a brochure or watch our demo videos to find out how LoGeo can help you become an industry pride.