In the process of providing quality service to you customers, you are faced with a large amount of paperwork that you need to spend hours sorting, scanning, importing into your IT system and sending to your customers on a daily basis. Such work costs not only time but also requires great accuracy, because an absence of one single page could cause problems for both you and your customers. The customer paperwork function of LoGeo is designed to make this part of work done for you faster and more accurately.

  • Uploading customer paperwork is easier because LoGeo will create a barcode for each document that matches the barcode of a specific consignment unit. All you need to do is to print out the barcode, stick it to the first and last page of the document and scan all  the pages into your system. After you upload the documents to system,  LoGeo matches the paperwork automatically to the right consignment units for you and your customers to check anytime.
  • LoGeo was designed to be error-proof when handling paperwork. If multi-page documents are only partially uploaded to LoGeo, errors alerts will be given by the system so that corrections can be done in time.
  • Once the documents are available in the system, they can be sent to the right customers via file transfer protocol (FTP), without you wasting time emailing or faxing your customers. If you prefer to be more cautious, you can also manually check documents before they are sent out.
  • Also, all the documents uploaded into your LoGeo system will be kept safe in our servers, so whenever you want to access a document, you can find it within seconds using filters such as date and customer name. In the meantime, you will never need to dig through huge piles of paperwork on your desk or record room any more.

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