We understand that as a logistics service provider, your customers count on you to handle, move and store their products. Your ability to manage your complex supply chain efficiently and satisfy their increasing needs of is critical to your success.

LoGeo is more than a transportation management system (TMS), it is a powerful system that provides you with real-time visibility and better control across your logistics network with its set of effective tools.

Instead of doing things manually or using basic TMS with limited functions, you can choose to have LoGeo as your main supply chain tool. LoGeo does all the major jobs of a TMS such shipment order processing, fleet and driver management, POD/POC collection, warehouse and inventory management. Apart from that, LoGeo  processes invoices and customer paperwork, as well as providing business intelligence with its reporting function, which provides you with in-depth insight into your supply chain performance and possible areas of improvement.

By doing what a transportation system does and more, LoGeo is the one-stop solution which will enable you to efficiently manage transportation and storage of goods, comply and integrate with your administrative and financial systems and provide you with visibility and control over everything happening in your network.


Continuous real-time control of the flow of goods eliminates disturbances in the supply chain and thereby significantly increases resource efficiency with a 71% probablitity by the year 2030.

Source: PWC - Transportation & Logistics 2030

How can LoGeo TMS help your business?

With our dedicated SaaS service we can meet the demands of the transportation and logistics business model of your organisation, our LoGeo platform can help you:

  • Better manage customer orders, shipments and invoices to gain greater control over network volatility and achieve more accurate and efficient handling of clients orders;
  • More effectively manage road requirements and enjoy the automatic route planning function for full-load, pallet and parcel deliveries on a local, regional, national or even global scale;
  • Continuously track and trace your vehicles and their shipments and allow your clients to  access to the system and check the whereabouts of their products;
  • Improve the efficiency of warehouse and inventory management processes, and get automatic system alerts regarding potential problems that may occur with current inventory;
  • Reduce your burden of processing endless customer paperwork as LoGeo simplifies the procedures and reduce the amount of paperwork by storing your records online, thus helping your business to improve both work efficiency and your CS&R;
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the performance and potential defects of your supply chain with greater visibility and business intelligence using the reporting function of LoGeo;

To become more successful in your industry, enjoy lower costs and more efficient management, gain more control over your network and strengthen your relationship with your customers by providing them better services, please watch our demo videos or  contact us.

End to end supply chain management and optimization