For every shipment order, there are documents that needed to be printed and sent to your driver or customer. With the help of LoGeo, you will never need to waste time locating a document from hundreds of maps and folders in your computer. LoGeo makes it easier than ever for you to print and manage these documents.

  • Standard documents are pre-defined in LoGeo including Trip Manifest, Bar Code Label, Collection and Delivery Manifest, Proof of Delivery and CMR. We can also pre-define more types of documents based on your needs.
  • LoGeo provides you multiple screens for document printing. You can do it by going  to Shipment Management and open the document of any selected tour. Or you can go to the Printing menu and find the document needed by using filters such as document type, date, customer name, etc.
  • Because of the cloud-based feature of LoGeo, you can access any single document anytime from anywhere. In the meantime, it saves you the trouble of going  through dozens of folders in your computer  or your office desk draws. Except for checking and printing the documents, you can also export them into your device as PDF files or Excel spreadsheet.


To keep improving the performance and efficiency of your business, you need more than just historical records. That is why the Reporting function of LoGeo provides you with  in-depth data sorting and grouping to created on-demand reports. This also saves you the investment for extra business intelligence software.

  • The Reporting function of LoGeo allows you to create on-demand reports from selected data stored in the system. Multiple parameters are available for you to create customized reports that can show you what has been going on with shipments, tours. inventory, invoices and even fuel consumption within a period of time defined entirely by yourself.
  • After your reports are created, you can export them as Excel spreadsheet to your computer and conduct further analysis of the data you get to find out the hidden information underneath the numbers.  Based on your findings, you can then think about how to further  improve your business.

To get more detailed information about this function of LoGeo, please request a brochure , watch our demo videos or contact us to make a difference for your business.

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