Faced with fast movement of materials and goods and fierce competition in the industry, you know how critical  it is for you to effectively manage and control the major elements in your supply chain. To thrive in the market, you are also making great efforts to reduce your lead time and costs and increase your revenue by winning new customers with your quality services.

Provided as a SaaS (software as a service) TMS system accessible from any computer or Android device 24/7 via the internet,  LoGeo can help you:

  • Better manage your customer orders, shipments and invoices by giving your customers partial access to the system and allow them to place orders, check order status and receive invoices to also achieve time saving for both parties;
  • More effectively manage road transportation by using the automatic route planning function for full-truckload, pallet and parcel deliveries within your distribution network;
  • Track and trace your vehicles and their shipments 24/7 and allow your clients to check whereabouts and status of their products;
  • Respond in time to problems such as delivery delay with the help of system alerts to quickly remedy the situation and avoid further losses;
  • Improve the efficiency of warehouse management, keep up with the movement of inventory and allow your customers to check their own inventory details;
  • Reduce greatly the amount of customer paperwork by importing and storing your data online, thus improving both your work efficiency and your CS&R;
  • Enjoy business intelligence using the reporting function of LoGeo to get access to customized reports that reveal to you stories behind numbers.

In order to make you benefit as much as possible from this supply chain tool,  LoGeo takes care of the planning, control and management of your road transportation and supply chain process. In the meantime, you can focus on your core business and spend more time looking for new customers to expanding your business and increase your revenue.

Contact us today to learn more or request a brochure or watch our demo videos to find out more details about how LoGeo can help you become an industry pride.