Would you like to spend less time dealing with your invoices and gain a clear idea of the revenue and cost of the transportation services that you provide within any given period? The invoicing function of LoGeo makes it easier than ever for you to manage your invoices from all the clients and trace the costs to keep things in control. If you prefer to have LoGeo integrated with your current financial software, we can also provide the extra service needed at  reasonable charges.

  • LoGeo provides a separate screen for you to set your tariffs and costs based on different elements including shipping regions, consignment weight and cube details, Inco terms, etc.
  • You can set the quotations and invoices by applying a selected group of elements that affect the shipping prices that you charge your customers. You are able to create as many types of tariffs as you need to used as basis for invoicing your different customers.
  • LoGeo generates a corresponding invoice for every new shipment order put into the system by you and your customers. Charges for the orders can be preset based on any type of tariffs that you defined in the system to suit your needs. You also have the option to manually adjust the specific price of an invoice before sending it to your customer.
  • LoGeo lists your most recent invoices on a separate screen. In the meantime, you can always quickly find the particular invoices that you need within seconds by applying filters such as period of time, customers, consignment type for a search.
  • You can even change the settings of LoGeo to allow it to send invoices to your customers via emails once they are available in the system. This way, you save time sending them one by one and can process dozens or even hundreds of invoices with a few simple clicks of the mouse.
  • You can also export your invoices as Excel spreadsheets to manage them with your financial software. If desired, we can also integrate your LoGeo system with your financial software to make your financial management easier and more efficient.

To get more detailed information about this function of LoGeo, please request a brochure , watch our demo videos or contact us to make a difference for your business.

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