Are you spending lots of time planning routes and tours by hand? With the Optimal Planning Program of LoGeo, you can simply relax and let the system find out the best possible routes for dozens of trips while you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Reduce considerable amount of time spent planning routes for tours to maximize your productivity and reduce total fuel consumption

  • With the help of electronic maps, LoGeo does automatic route planning for multiple tours,  whether they are collection tours, delivery tours or collection & delivery tours. By doing a single planning run which takes up to a few minutes, you get the results for dozens of tours including distance, total travel time and expected time of arrival to the destinations.
  • You can choose among different planning modes based on your specific needs for the routes. As a result, you can get the result within seconds if you want it immediately or you can get the most specific and optimal routes possible if you give the system a bit more time to search for the most optimal route.
  • LoGeo stores all the routes it processes, this allows the system to finish the planning of your regular routes even faster.You can always view the route of a tour on Google map and check whether any part of the route is under construction and if so alert your drivers about it.
  • The Optimal Route Planning function of LoGeo can also be subscribed as a stand-alone software product, if you already have a TMS in place without route planning ability. We give you the option to subscribe only to this specific function of the LoGeo package. That is what makes us different from most of the other IT solution providers. We make sure that we provide you with quality service tailored to your true needs and wants.
  • Time savings

    By starting a single planning run you can plan hundreds of orders on to routes that will be planned as optimal as possible to reduce costs.

  • Optimal Route

    No only will this allow you to plan more quickly, it will also make considerable savings on your fuel usage as well as on your human resources.

  • Dedicated

    We are dedicated to give you the most optimal tours to allow you to guarantee an optimal and cost effective service to your customers.

End to end supply chain management and optimization