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Flexible insight in all orders

Tons of options

Real Drag and Drop planning

Automated Planning

Real-time status updates

Track & Trace

LoGeo is an out-of-the-box Transport Management System (TMS) capable of Tracking & Tracing collections and deliveries to an item level as well as vehicles & drivers. The great visibility provided by this feature of the supply chain tool enables businesses to get better control over their network.

Real-time Insight

As, a smart transportation software, LoGeo helps both your employees and customers gain real-time insight into your transport operation and your supply chain performance. This will boost visibility, lower the amount of errors and increase customer satisfaction.

Time Savings

LoGeo can save you considerable time spent on manual tasks and allows you more time to focus on what's more important for you. The transportation management software have functions including automatic route planning, order processing, track and trace, invoicing, warehousing, reporting, etc.

What is LoGeo?

LoGeo is a  transportation management system (TMS) designed for small and medium-sized businesses in the road transport, logistics, retailing, distribution and wholesale trade industries.

LoGeo is dedicated to enhancing performance of the supply chain of companies by helping them achieve greater efficiency, lower cost, lead time reduction and more effective management & control over their distribution network. Our LoGeo TMS system also includes a Driver App and a Warehouse Management App, both with scanning functions to help drivers and warehouse employees through their work and prevent human mistakes. With the help of the complete LoGeo TMS system, companies can thus deliver better service to their customers and gain greater competitive advantages in the market.

We devoted decades of experience working closely with big and small companies in the transport & logistics industries into this one-stop transportation software. As a result, LoGeo can provide businesses a smart and lean transport management solution for them to become greater success.

LoGeo is also among the few cloud-based TMS systems available in the market that are specially developed and designed for small and medium-sized companies.

Check how LoGeo can help your business here or contact us for more information.

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