In order to make sure you can deliver your customers what they want at the right time and location, you need to track and trace your vehicles and shipments. Tracking their locations and status allows you to have better control over the delivery process and respond in time for changes of situations, and it also gives your customers piece of mind.

  • LoGeo allows you and your customers to check the exact location of your vehicles and the items that they deliver in real time on a Google map. You save the money and time spent in calling drivers to locate them and confirm whether they can reach the destinations on time.
  • More importantly, you don't need to achieve track and trace by purchasing additional devices. Your drivers can also scan the SSCC bar codes of the items they collect & deliver using the LoGeo Driver App on their Android devices and update the tour status on the App for users of the LoGeo system to view.
  • If you store inventory for your customers in your warehouse, they can check at Logeo which warehouse their products are stored and how many units are still available for delivery.
  • Problems such as failure of collection and delay of delivery do occur at times despite all the planning. With the visibility of your vehicle and shipment locations and status, you can foresee some of these problems and react fast to them and alert your customers  in time to prevent further financial losses in such cases.

Watch the demo video for the LoGeo POD/POC App to guide drivers through a tour and help the Track and Trace of consignment units.

To get more detailed information about LoGeo, please request a brochure , watch our demo videos or contact us to make a difference for your business.