Nowadays movement of goods are faster to meet the needs of the market and your customers also expect better service from you. You ability to reduce the lead time and improve the accuracy in managing shipment orders and movement can put you in a better position in the competition.

  • LoGeo makes shipment order processing faster and easier by allowing not only you but also your customers to input new orders into the system. Both parties can check the status of shipments and keep themselves informed of any updates all the time.
  • LoGeo allows you to create one tour for multiple collection and delivery tasks and optimize the route of the tour to achieve shipping efficiency and lower fuel cost.
  • SSCC bar codes are generated automatically by LoGeo for each consignment unit when a new order is placed. Each bar code is unique so that it is impossible to mistaken one unit for another.
  • LoGeo also does automatic self-checking to avoid basic input errors and give you system alerts whenever it detects an error.
  • Your drivers can use the LoGeo Driver App to guide them through the tours and verify the identities of all the shipments that they collect and deliver. As drivers update their tour status on the App, same updates will instantly show up in the LoGeo system so that office users can easily monitor tour status and react in time when problems occur.
  • Once a consignment is collected or delivered as planned, proof of collection (POC) and proof of delivery (POD) will be collected by the Driver App and uploaded to LoGeo TMS system online. Once a tour is finished,  the POC/POD will be available for authorized users to view and download, including your customers.
  • Allowing your clients 24/7 access to LoGeo to track & trace their orders saves you from the hustle to answer all of their question regarding the whereabouts and status of their goods.

To get more detailed information about LoGeo, please request a brochure, watch our demo videos or contact us to make a difference for your business.

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