Can we get real-time updates on consignments stored in our warehouses on the LoGeo system?


The Warehouse Management section of LoGeo does not only show all the consignments currently stored in your warehouses, but also shows the ones that are expected to come in at a future date. You can also use our Warehouse Management App on a Android device to check consignments into the warehouse or load them for delivery.

Even after the goods are moved out of the warehouse, you can still find the detailed information of them in LoGeo with a comprehensive audit-trail.

We don't have a big fleet of vehicles, will LoGeo still be cost-effective for us?

Even for companies with a small-sized fleet, the greater efficiency, time and cost savings achievable by using LoGeo are still significant. Image how different it can be when most of your staff can do their work faster and more accurately, and when your customers can pay you sooner because they get proof of delivery and invoice sooner. The improvement in efficiency also allows you more time and energy to focus on expanding your business and getting more customers.

Also, if you do not need the complete package of LoGeo( for example Warehouse Management if you don't have a warehouse), we also are willing to charge you based on your desired functions. We provide such flexibility because we want small companies with limited budget to also enjoy a smart transport management system to help them to make a difference.

What is the pricing for companies that subscribe to LoGeo?

The pricing consists of set-up costs and monthly subscription fee. They both depends on many variables and installation requirements, so it is hard for us to give a quotation without any information about your business. Please contact us for a detailed quotation and pricing options available for you.