How many users can access the LoGeo system simultaneously?

The number of users accessing LoGeo at the same time, in theory, is unlimited. Your system set-up will be based on your requirements giving you limitless access without restrictions on the number of users that can access your system simultaneously. If requirements grow, your hosting options will grow with you.



Do you provide training for our staff if we subscribe to LoGeo?

Any new LoGeo installation is always trained out to a core group of your key staff to walk them through the application on their own Test environment to get them acquainted with the system prior to go-live. Depending on your training requirements these sessions can be set-up at any location of your choice, in our office or on-line through our Webinar sessions.

We also provide a user manual guide for clients with instructions on all the functionality of the TMS in detail. In case of any issues or questions your staff can contact our support desk through our support and ticketing system that helps us and our clients to track issues and questions to a resolution quickly.


What kind of savings can a business achieve by using LoGeo?

Businesses can save considerable amount of time at least in the following operations:

Order processing by allowing customers to book online or receive new orders from customers via EDI (electronic data interchange);

Planning the route for collection and delivery tours;

Tracking the status and locations of consignments and vehicles;

Managing consignments in warehouses;

Preparing and sending proof of collection/delivery and paperwork to customers;

Invoicing customers;

Doing internal reporting regarding business performances.


Businesses also save the investment in expensive barcode scanners because their staff can perform barcode scanning with their own Android devices. The LoGeo Driver App and the Warehouse Management App help them do the scanning easily, send update automatically and avoid mistakes in loading consignments.


Is it reliable to keep all the important data in a cloud-based system like LoGeo?


All of the data in the LoGeo system is stored and backed-up in our secured servers. You will never lose any data because of broken or stolen hardware if you keep your account information safe. We hire external IT professionals to test the safety of our servers and security protocols on a regular basis to protect the data safety of our clients.

It's also more convenient for you to access any desired data or documents in LoGeo using filters in a search.  If you would like to keep your records in your own computer you can also export documents such as reports, paperwork, proof of collection or delivery in PDF format.

Cloud-based advantages over an on-premise solution?

Because LoGeo is hosted in the cloud, you do not need to install any software on your computer. Cloud-based solutions have several advantages over on-premise solutions.Users can access LoGeo using any supported web-browser with their own LoGeo account on any computer connected to the internet. This gives users great flexibility and visibility of their work in using the system 24/7 from anywhere.

We store all of your valuable LoGeo data on our secured servers. Even if your hardware breaks down or is stolen, you won't lose any data and can always easily and quickly find the particular sets of data online.

Also, because the system is not installed, users never need to upgrade LoGeo. Any updates or adjustments of the LoGeo system will be done by the service provider and will be immediately available for users once they are done.

Compared to a tradition software system, it is easier for the provider to customize a cloud-based system at lower charges.



How is LoGeo different from most other transport management systems in the current market place?

We developed LoGeo because we want smaller businesses to enjoy the difference that a smart TMS can make for them. LoGeo is a system resulted from decades of our experience developing software solutions for logistics and transportation companies and understanding their needs and wants. LoGeo is hosted in the cloud, so you can access it at anytime from anywhere allowing you to better control your supply chain and respond faster to changes or problems from anywhere.

Most importantly, LoGeo takes care of all of the major tasks of a road transportation company, from processing shipment orders and planning collection and delivery tours to managing vehicles, drivers, warehouses and invoices. You can even allow your customers access to LoGeo so that they can check the status of their products and download paperwork they need, giving them peace of mind.

Finally, to make sure your investment in LoGeo is cost-effective, you can even subscribe to your own selection of functions instead of the complete package if you desire. Specific software tailoring can also be done at reasonable prices to integrate the software in your current or required process.