Is it possible for us to send invoices to our clients directly from LoGeo?

Yes, but to do that, we need to set up interfaces for EDI (electronic data interchange) between you and your chosen clients. After that, you can send them invoices directly from the Invoicing screen of LoGeo, and they can also send you shipment orders and receive documents from you via EDI. This will save both parties considerable time in exchanging and processing orders, documents and paperwork.

Note that interface is part of the set-up services for a client, so it will affect the total set-up costs of your LoGeo system.

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Can we export the invoices generated by LoGeo?

Yes. You can always export invoices in the format of Excel spreadsheets. LoGeo also stores all the invoices and documents so that you can quickly find whatever you need using various filters provided on the screens. There will be no need for you to dig through piles of paperwork or tons of computer documents for a historical record about a consignment or an invoice.

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How often can we get new invoices from LoGeo for our recent delivery jobs?

You need to do an invoice run for LoGeo to generate invoices for your latest collection and delivery jobs. You can start a new invoice run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or just at any time you want.

Once a new run is completed, you can find the latest invoices for your customers in the Invoice screen of LoGeo. In case of problems during the run, the system will give error alert for you to go the particular screen and check error details.

Note that LoGeo will not generate more than one invoice for the same job, but you are still suggested to check content of invoices before sending them to your customers.

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Can we set up different pricing basis for different customers in LoGeo?


You can define as many pricing basis ( weight, cube, pallet quantity, etc.) as you want and apply them to different customers. You can also set up extra charges such as fuel surcharge to any chosen customer.

After that, you can easily have LoGeo generate invoices for the customers.