How can the LoGeo Warehouse Management App improve work at our warehouses?

The Warehouse Management App helps your staff improve both the accuracy and efficiency of their work mainly with its bar-code scanning and matching feature. The main idea behind the app is that your staff do the barcode scanning to make sure only the right consignments can come into or out of your warehouses, while recording their exact locations once consignments are placed into a warehouse. Like the Driver App, the warehouse app also sends information back to the LoGeo system once the info is recorded.

The app can used in most smart devices (phone, tablet, bar-code scanner) with a recent Android 4.0 or higher operating system. Its main functions include:

  1. Inbound/outbound scanning of consignment units
  2. Scanning the goods into a physical warehouse location (Area, racking, loading-bay)
  3. Inventory scanning
  4. Movement of consignments between different locations inside warehouses
  5. Relabeling consignment units

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