What is the system requirements of LoGeo?

LoGeo works on most modern computers, tablets and phones with a recent web-browser and an active internet connection.

Apart from the LoGeo system, we also provide two LoGeo Apps: the Driver App used for POD/POC (proof of delivery/collection) capture and the Warehouse Management App used for warehouse scanning. These apps support devices with a recent Android 4.0+ operating system, including smart phones, tablets and bar-code scanners.

The LoGeo system is accessible through Safari on an iPad and iPhone, the two mentioned LoGeo apps do however not currently support these devices.

Because of the nature of LoGeo as a cloud-based software, it can only work with internet connection. The sames goes to the two LoGeo apps.

Watch our demo video of the LoGeo Driver App to see how it works.